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What is the in-room experience like?

When entering a room on a live event or rebroadcast event for the first time, your browser will prompt you that Flymachine would like to use your camera and microphone. Be sure to choose Allow to use the full set of social features. Your camera and microphone can be turned on and off during the event by using the available in-room settings (see below).

Perhaps the most important feature of the in-room experience is your bubble, which you can move around the room to connect with other fans by forming clusters. Fans in a cluster can speak with each other using their microphones.

Mute: Click another fan’s bubble to mute them. Muting a fan will silence their audio for just your experience. They won’t know you muted them, and others in your cluster will still hear them.

Block & Report: Click another fan’s bubble to block them. You’ll each appear in the room with user names visible, but neither of you will see or hear the other. Blocking someone stops them from interacting with you across all Flymachine events. If their behavior goes against our Community Guidelines, use the Report option to flag them to our Fan Support team. We’ll take it from there.

After 10 seconds of mouse inactivity, all menu items will disappear. Bring them back by moving your mouse.

Read on for more details about in-room features.

Hero feed: The full-screen broadcast is known as the hero feed. We’ve kept it largely unobstructed to enhance your viewing experience.

Conversation cluster: If you move close to someone else’s bubble, both your bubbles will morph into hexagons and link together in a conversation cluster where you’ll be able to chat. All hexagons linked together in a cluster can hear each other, but can’t hear other clusters or bubbles.

Solo bubble: Once you join a room, you’ll see a bubble with your webcam feed (if turned on) or your initials (if your webcam is off). That’s your bubble. Click and drag your bubble to move around the room. Hover over other bubbles to see a user’s screen name. Learn how to change your username or avatar image.

Hide/Show interface: Click the down arrow to clear your screen and the up arrow to bring back controls.

Sound balance slider: Control chat and hero feed volume by sliding the crossfader in the bottom-left corner. Slide to the left to prioritize the hero feed sound and move it to the right to increase chat volume. You can also use the volume button to control the overall volume. 

Video & Mic settings: Turn your microphone and camera on and off with these buttons, change your audio and video inputs, or select your audio output. When you mute yourself, other fans will see a microphone icon on your bubble.

Show reactions: Love what you see? Tell the other fans in the room by reacting! Your reactions will be visible to all fans in the room, even if you aren't in a conversation cluster.

Room Chat: Each room offers text chat between room members. Click on an existing chat to react with an emoji, or the two arrows to start a thread! You can hide the chat window using the arrow on the left of the message window. Room chat is only visible to fans who are in the room. New fans who join will see the history of the room chat.

Direct Messages: Learn how to DM someone during a live show or rebroadcast.

Shortcut to other rooms: View and access the rooms you recently visited and a list of public rooms. 

Merch store: Click on the shopping bag to open the merch store and shop as you watch!

Exit room: Leave the room to return to the lobby. From the lobby, you can watch the event, join a room, or create a new one.

Public or Private room name: The name of the room you are in.

Room member count: The number of fans currently in the room. Room capacity cannot exceed 10 people. 

Room code: Every public or private room has a 4-digit code. Share this code with anyone you want to invite to your room; they will enter it in the room code box from the lobby.

Full screen: Click this button to expand your browser window to full screen. 

FAQs and Chat Support: Need help? Click the question mark in the top right to check out our FAQs for quick answers to common issues or to take a tour of the room features. Need even more help? Click the chat support icon to reach out to our support team.

My Account: Head here to update your Account information.

The in-room experience is only offered on live events and rebroadcasts of live events. Rooms are not available when watching a replay. Learn more about live only, live with replay and rebroadcasts of events.

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