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How do I create a room?

Rooms give you the option interact with other fans via video and text chat. All rooms have a 10-person maximum capacity to ensure that everyone has an optimal viewing experience. 

Public rooms are listed by name in the lobby, and anyone can create or join one until capacity is reached. 

Private (hidden) rooms can only be accessed by entering a room code. 

  1. Log into your account and join the event. 
  2. In the event lobby, click Create Room from the bottom of your screen and give your room a name. 
  3. Use the toggle to choose visibility between Public and Hidden (Private)
  4. Click Create and enjoy the show with friends and other fans! 

Whether public or private, your room will have a unique room code and link.

  • Pass this code or link to your friends so they can access your private room
  • Public rooms can be accessed via the unique code or link, by browsing the list of available public rooms in the lobby, or by accessing the Explore Rooms menu in the top-right to hop between rooms quickly.

Rooms can only be created during live events or rebroadcasts and are not available when watching a replay. Learn more about events with replay.

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