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What's the difference between a public and a private room?

The key difference between public rooms and private (hidden) rooms is that anyone can join a public room. Private rooms can only be accessed with a room code, by following a direct link, or by creating a brand new one.

Public RoomsPrivate (hidden) Rooms
Listed in the lobbyYesNo
Accessible from the lobby without a room codeYesNo
Accessible via room codeYesYes
Accessible via direct link (URL)YesYes
Who can join?Anyone until capacity is reachedOnly users with a room code or direct link, until capacity is reached
Room maximum capacity1010
Fans in room can be spotlit to Artist and other fansYesNo

Rooms can only be created during live events or rebroadcasts and are not available when watching a replay. Learn more about events with replay.

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