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I can see the artist, but there’s no audio.

If you’ve joined an event or Meet & Greet and can’t hear the artist, try these simple troubleshooting steps: 

  • Close other programs: Close other windows and applications you’re not using to prevent interference.
  • Check your audio settings in Flymachine: Find the settings wheel in the bottom left and open the settings panel. Under "Speaker," select the output device you'd like to use. If you’re watching a show from the lobby, you will need to create a room to access audio settings. 
  • Check your computer audio settings: Double check that you’ve selected built-in audio for sound output and that your volume is turned up.
  • If using headphones or speakers: Verify that your audio device is operable, powered-on, and properly connected to your computer. Then, make sure that you’ve selected the right audio device for sound output and that your volume is turned up.
  • If using Bluetooth headphones: Using a single Bluetooth device for audio and microphone could interfere with your audio. If using a Bluetooth device audio, select a different input for your microphone, such as your computer's built-in mic.

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