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I've joined the event, but the hero feed is blank.

Try these simple troubleshooting steps if you’ve joined an event but don’t see the hero feed.


  • Refresh your browser: As a first step, refresh your browser window, or quit and reopen your browser to try again. 
  • Close other programs: Close all windows and applications you’re not using to ensure there’s no interference.
  • Check your browser version: Verify that you’re using the most recent version of your internet browser. If not, install the updates and try again.
  • Content filtering: Check your browser and activity logs to identify any security function or ad blocker blocking the live stream and consider disabling it.
  • Clear your cache: Try clearing your browser history.
  • Log out of Flymachine: Click here to log out of your Flymachine account. Log back in and try joining the event again.

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