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I can see other fans in my room, but I can’t hear them.

Can you hear the hero feed? If so, try the steps below. If you cannot hear fans or the hero feed, check out our FAQ page for audio troubleshooting.

If you can hear the hero feed but not fans in the room:

  1. Join a cluster: Your bubble must be connected to a cluster with other fans to hear and speak to them. Use your cursor to click and drag your bubble to join a cluster with another fan. You can tell you are in a cluster when the shape of your bubble changes from a circle to a hexagon, as shown below. If a fan moves out of the cluster and breaks the connection, you will need to slide your bubble to reconnect to the cluster.

  2. Adjust your audio crossfader: The crossfader allows you to balance the hero feed volume against fan chatter. If your crossfader is all the way to the musical note on the left, you will not hear other fans.

    Locate the crossfader in the lower-left corner of your room screen. The centre dial controls which audio you want to prioritize. Slide the dial toward the music note to hear more of the hero feed audio. Slide the dial toward the fan icon to hear more from the fans around you.

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