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I didn't receive my order confirmation email.

Here are a few steps to locate your pass if you didn’t receive your order confirmation.

Check your junk or spam folders.

Your email provider may have flagged your confirmation as spam. Check your email junk or spam folder for your order confirmation. Here are a few search terms you can use to locate your order confirmation: 

  • The name of the event 
  • Your order confirmation number
  • “Flymachine”
  • “”

Facebook Sign-in

Did you create your account with Facebook? If so, your order confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with your Facebook account. Make sure you check the correct email account by confirming the email address in your Facebook settings. 

Sign in to your Flymachine account

Sign in to your account. Upcoming passes are displayed as soon as you sign in. You can also access this page by choosing My Passes from the account menu in the upper-right of your screen. 

Check your Flymachine Orders

You can see all orders associated with your Flymachine account by selecting Orders from the account menu in the upper-right corner of your screen. If you see the order here, you should be able to locate your pass under My Passes or in your confirmation email, as referenced above.

Check for errors

If you’re unable to locate your order confirmation in your email or can’t find your pass in your Flymachine account, there may have been an error when you made your purchase.  

Billing Errors

For paid passes, check the account you used to make your purchase. If you don’t see a charge from Flymachine, your purchase may not have been completed. Contact us if you see a successful charge, but no passes in your account. 

Note: Pending charges may not complete. You may see a pending charge drop from your statement within one to two business days. If your charge is still pending, contact your bank to determine if the charge was successful. 

Email Typos

A typo may have slipped into your email address when you purchased. If a charge appears on your card statement for your purchase but you didn’t receive your order confirmation, contact us.

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