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I bought a pass, but it's not in My Passes when I log in

An account is required to complete a purchase on Flymachine and passes are instantly linked to your account. If you’re not seeing your passes when signed in, give this a try.

Confirm your Flymachine account

Do you have more than one Flymachine account? We suggest that you keep all passes under one username and email, but if you’ve set up multiple accounts, sign in to each to locate your passes.

Check My Passes

Upcoming passes are displayed as soon as you sign in. You can get back to this page by choosing My Passes from the menu in the upper right of your screen. 

Check Past Passes

If your pass is located in the Past tab of your My Passes menu, the event has already ended.

Check your Orders

From the account menu in the upper right corner of your screen, select My Orders to see a list of all of your Flymachine orders. If you see the order containing your pass in the Orders section, try checking My Passes or your email for your order confirmation again.

Billing Errors

For paid passes, check the account you used to make your purchase. If you don’t see a charge from Flymachine, your purchase may not have been completed. If you do see a successful charge, contact us for assistance. 

Note: Pending charges may not complete. You may see a pending charge drop from your statement within one to two business days. If your charge is still pending, contact your bank to determine if the charge was successful. 

Apple, Google, or Facebook Sign-in

If you created an account using one of our sign-in partners, always use this sign-in partner when logging in to Flymachine. Otherwise, you may inadvertently create a new account.  

Try signing out and signing back in using your Apple, Google, or Facebook profile to locate your passes.

If you still can’t locate your passes after trying these options, contact us.

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