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How do I mute or block another fan?

We get it. The absolute best part of your favorite song is coming up, but your friend is singing along too loudly. We’ve got you covered.

Mute a fan in your cluster

Muting a fan will silence their audio for just your experience. They won’t know you muted them, and others in your cluster will still hear them. When you’re ready to restore their audio to your feed again, you can easily unmute them.

Mute a fan

Hover over the other fan’s bubble and click the green microphone icon that appears. The icon will change to a crossed-out microphone, indicating they are muted. They’ll only be muted for you; the rest of the cluster will still hear them. 

Unmute a fan in your cluster

Hover over their bubble and click the red microphone icon. The microphone icon will turn green again, indicating the fan is unmuted, and their audio will be restored to your feed.

Block a fan from within a room

Blocking someone stops them from interacting with you. You will no longer see their video or hear them, and they will no longer see or hear you. Your usernames will still be visible to each other, and you will each continue to appear for other fans in the room. Blocking a fan will carry over across all events on Flymachine. Whenever you encounter this fan, they’ll still be blocked unless you decide to unblock them. 

Block a fan

When you click another fan’s bubble, a pop-up menu will appear. Click Block to block this fan. You’ll be asked to confirm this request. 

When you block a fan, you’ll no longer see or hear them, and they’ll no longer see or hear you. The other bubble will appear with the blocked symbol for each of you.

Note: user names are still visible between blocked fans.

Unblock a fan

Click the blocked fan’s bubble to open the pop-up menu. Click Unblock to unblock this fan. Each of you will then be able to see and hear the other again.

If you're experiencing something more serious than a friend's out-of-tune singing, you can report someone for violating our Community Guidelines.

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