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I'm unable to purchase passes

Try these steps to solve errors while purchasing passes.  

If your card was declined

Check that all of your details are correct. Everything from your credit card number, expiration, CVV, and billing zip code must match. The billing zip code or postal code that you enter must match the one that is on file with your bank in order for the transaction to complete.

If everything looks right and you’re still not able to process your order, we suggest that you contact your bank to resolve the issue with this card.

Don’t forget: multiple attempts to make a purchase may result in pending charges on your account. If the transaction was not successful, these charges should drop off of your statement in a few business days.

Browser problems

If your browser seems to be preventing you from progressing through the purchase flow, first try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache and try again, or try a different browser.

If you still cannot complete your purchase, contact us.

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