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How do I report someone for improper behaviour during an event?

We take our Community Guidelines seriously. If you find someone in violation of these standards, use the Report feature available within the live event experience. Flymachine will then initiate an investigation into a rules violation. Reported users will not know who reported them. 

For video or audio offenses:

  1. Click the bubble of the user you wish to report
  2. Click Report
  3. Select the appropriate option from the list of violations
  4. In the box provided, describe the incident. This helps our team understand what the violation was.
  5. Click Report
  6. Optionally, block the user you reported to stop them from interacting with you. You will appear in the room, but they will not see your video or hear you.

For text chat offenses:

  1. Hover over the offensive chat message and click the 3-dot menu to the right.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Review the message to ensure that this is the text you need to report, and then click Report
  4. Click Done.

Note: Intentionally false reports are also a rules violation. For personal annoyances, consider muting or blocking instead.

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