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How do I change my camera, speakers, and microphone inputs?

It’s quick and easy to change your audio or video inputs when joining a Meet & Greet!

Once you’ve logged in and clicked Join Meet & Greet from your confirmation email, Step 1 is setting up for your big moment. 

If this is your first time on Flymachine, your browser will prompt you that Flymachine would like to use your camera and microphone. Choose Allow to proceed with your Meet & Greet. 

To select a different camera, speaker, or microphone to use for your Meet & Greet:

  1. Click the Settings wheel to open Settings
  2. Select your preferred camera from the dropdown menu. A preview of your video will appear. 
  3. Select your preferred microphone from the dropdown menu and say something! You're all set if the volume meter reacts to your voice by moving into the green, yellow, or red!
  4. Select your preferred speaker from the dropdown menu. Click Test Speakers. Hear a little jingle? Great! You’ll be able to hear the artist.
  5. Click Done to join the Waiting Room once you’re happy with your settings.

If you want to change your microphone, camera, or speakers while waiting for the artist, you can always click on the Settings wheel below your video and repeat the steps above. 

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