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How do I purchase a bundle?

In order to purchase a bundle, it must be listed on the event purchase page. Not all events on Flymachine will have bundles available. Bundles are identified on the event purchase page by a small shopping bag icon.

Bundles that include a pass to the event will appear on the first step of the checkout process. Any bundles that contain only merchandise, Meet & Greets, or digital goods can be viewed and purchased once you’ve carted or already bought a livestream pass.

To purchase a bundle:

  1. Navigate to the event purchase page
  2. Click Purchase Pass
  3. If a bundle containing a pass to the show is offered, you will see the bundles alongside other passes to the show. If a bundle contains only merch items or Meet & Greets, you must add a pass to the show to your cart to purchase a bundle.
  4. Click on the bundle to view the items included
  5. Click Select to add the bundle to your cart
  6. If your bundle contains merch items you might be prompted to enter your shipping address and select the size or type of your merchandise item.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Continue shopping Offers until you're ready to Checkout
  9. Complete Checkout

You will receive an email receipt listing all items in your bundle.

If you bought a bundle that includes passes to multiple events, you will receive one order confirmation email for each show with a link to join the event(s). 

If you bought a bundle that includes one or multiple Meet & Greets, you will receive one order confirmation email for each Meet & Greet with a link to join your call(s). 

If you bought a bundle including physical merchandise or digital goods, please check your order receipt for information on when the items will be fulfilled

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