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What is the difference between live only, live with replay, and rebroadcast?

Flymachine offers three different types of virtual events for your viewing pleasure.

Live only

Live only events are social livestream experiences that happen once at a designated time, just like attending a show in person. Simply join the event when doors open and watch together with friends in rooms or solo from the lobby.  Once the show’s over, it’s over.

Live with Replay

Events listed as “Live with replay” are the best of both worlds. You can have a social livestream experience in rooms with friends (or fly solo from the lobby) during the live set at a designated time, then replay and rewind as many times as you’d like on demand within a set replay window. After that, it'll all be a distant memory!

Not sure how long you can watch on demand? Check the event purchase page. The replay end time will display under the event date, and you’ll get an email when your replay is available. Just make sure to watch before the window ends. If you snooze, you lose!

Note that the scheduled livestream experience includes all of our social features (text and video chat with friends) while watching a replay on demand is just that: a watch experience. Learn more about how to watch a replay.


A rebroadcast is another chance to experience a virtual event that was streamed live in the past. Similar to “live only” events, rebroadcasts have scheduled start times, unique passes, and all of our social features available should you want to watch together with friends or other fans.

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