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How do I use the replay player?

Once you’ve been notified that your replay is ready, rewatching is pretty simple from here on out! Click the WATCH AGAIN button in your confirmation email to launch our replay player. 

The replay player works on desktop and mobile devices, so you can watch on your own from a computer, tablet, or smartphone — even cast to your TV!  To streamline the on demand replay experience, we’ve removed social features and included just the essentials.

Play/Pause: Hit pause whenever you’d like to take a break, grab a snack, or simply stare at that dreamboat drummer.

Event info: Got a few replays on the go? Check here for the event name and the date that it aired live.

Scrubbing preview: Hover ahead in the timeline to see what is coming!

Volume control: When watching on desktop and full screen on mobile, you’ll see a slider to control the volume. You can also turn the sound up or down with your mobile device’s volume buttons the same way you’d adjust call volume.

Full screen: Go full screen for a front row experience. Pro tip: Enter full screen mode on a mobile device to scan forward, zoom in, and see casting and AirPlay options!

Picture-in-picture: Pro-multitasker? View the show in a smaller window while browsing other tabs and apps—or texting your friends about how great the show is.

Cast / AirPlay: Want to cast to your TV from your phone? Go full screen on mobile to display casting and Airplay options so you can watch the show on the big screen. Learn how to cast or AirPlay your replay from a computer.

Scan forward (mobile only): Watching on mobile and want to skip to your favorite song? Go full screen or watch picture-in-picture and tap to move forward in 15-second increments.

Back: Want to watch another Flymachine event? The back button will take you to our homepage where you can see all of our upcoming shows.

Need help? Submit a support request, and we’ll get back to you. 

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