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Can I watch without joining a room?

Yes! You can fly solo at any event by watching from the lobby. You do not need to join a room or watch with friends to enjoy shows on Flymachine. We have added some ways to be social in the lobby, but that's entirely up to you!

Read on for an overview of what you can see from the lobby. 

Hero feed: The full-screen broadcast is known as the hero feed. We’ve kept it largely unobstructed to enhance your viewing experience.

Event name: This is the show you came to see!

FAQs, chat support, full-screen, and account options: The top right corner of your screen contains 4 helpful buttons. Click the question mark in the top right to check out our FAQs for quick answers to common issues or to take a tour of the room features. Click the chat support icon to reach out to our support team. Go full-screen or open your Account dropdown to view your passes to other events, past orders, and to update your Account information.

Shop: Click on the shopping bag to open additional offers and shop as you watch!

Hide/Show interface: Click the down arrow to clear your screen and the up arrow to bring back controls. After 10 seconds of mouse inactivity, all menu items will disappear. You can also bring them back by moving your mouse.

Public rooms and room codes: Click to hop into a public room listed in the lobby or enter a room code to join and watch with friends.

Public chat: The public chat is available for anyone in the lobby to see and participate in. Click the chat icon to chat with other fans in the lobby. Use emojis to react to messages and threads to kick off a discussion about your fave song!

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